Courses: 2022
2022 Courses


Easter Island Surrounded by ocean, more than 1,200 miles from the nearest civilization, is the spectacular Isla de Pasuca. It is here on Easter Island, the new proud home of a Golden Tee destination, where paradise and history morph into one.

Nihon Yoru In the shadow of colossal skyscrapers, with neon lights and billboards illuminating the skyline, is Golden Tee’s return to a metropolitan existence. Only this time we’re headed to Tokyo, the most populated city on the planet.

Petra The mysteries of Petra are still alive and well to this day, and there is still much unknown about the origins of one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Although there are many questions still in need of answering about how it all began, Wadi Musa, Jordan also now houses one of the truly unique virtual golf courses ever made.

Hollywood Hills The parking lot is overflowing with luxury sports cars. And the membership dues, if you’re lucky enough to be invited, cost more than your home. Yes, Hollywood Hills is indeed one of Golden Tee’s most exclusive stops. The Bel Air beauty is nestled underneath tall trees and California peaks.

Norddalen Outside the village of Sandstrand, a sleepy town of only a few hundred people in the western part of Norway, is a golf course assembled out of winter’s dream. The views are almost good to be true, with snowcap mountains blanketing views in all directions.

Champ ’99 A challenging, but beautiful blast from GT’s past as this 1999 National Championship exclusive course from the Golden Tee 3D Golf era makes its way back in all of its remastered glory!

Eagle’s Peak One of the most-requested courses to be brought back to GT, this 2004 GT Fore! classic is somehow more gorgeous now than it was nearly 20 years ago. Don’t let the looks fool you though, there are still plenty of spots to lose your ball to the water!