• The Closer
    Acing the Final Hole is Great, Acing it For a -31 is Something Special
  • Gearing Up For the Finals
    The Design-a-Hole Judges Have Had Their Say, Be Here on Monday
  • Going to Great Lengths
    What Does a 424-Yard Hole-in-One Look Like? Well, Exactly Like This
  • Best of the Bunch
    Jeff Lannen Conquers Loaded Field to Take Power Events’ Missouri Open
  • You’re Up, Judges
    With the Design-a-Hole Submission Period Closed, Here’s What Happens Next
  • LIVE From the Missouri Open
    Qualifying Results and Match Play Updates
  • To Missouri We Go
    Join Us This Weekend for One of Golden Tee's Biggest Weekends of 2013
  • The Final Countdown
    Last Call For All 2014 Design-a-Hole Submissions
  • Golden Tee at Augusta
    Twitter Was the Place to Be During Golf's Annual Green Jacket Madness
  • A Tradition Unlike Any Other
    Shots of the Week Return, Celebrating One of Golf's Great Events
  • Home Sweet Home
    The Golden Tee Home Edition as a New Website to Celebrate the Launch of Online Play
  • Missouri Main Event
    Power Events’ Mega Golden Tee Tournament Will Get Underway Next Weekend
  • Submit Your Design Today!
    Get Your DREAM Golf Hole in GT 2014 and Win Your Own Home Edition!
  • Shots o' the Week
    After a Brief Commercial Timeout, SOTW Returns With a Bang
  • Welcomed Addition
    Locating Yourself on the Golden Tee World Rankings Just Got a Lot Easier
  • The 2013 Missouri Open
    Must-See GT at its Finest! Don’t Miss Power Events’ Massive Golden Tee Weekend!
  • Easter Attire
    Bunny Heads, Egg Shirts and the Proper Gear For Your Golden Tee Golfer
  • The "Not" Shot of the Week
    What Does a Urinating Golfer Sound Like? We Have Answers
  • Design and Conquer
    Get Your Dream Golf Hole in Golden Tee 2014 AND Win a GT Home Edition!
  • DAH 2014: Let's See What You Can Do
    Get Your Dream Design in Golden Tee 2014 and Win Your Own Golden Tee Home Edition
  • Embracing the Madness
    Shots of the Week Return With Long Aces and Friendly Trees
  • SALE: Halfway Home
    Get Online and $500 Off All Golden Tee Home Edition Purchases Through the Month of March
  • St. Paddy’s Apparel
    Did You Unlock the Green Beer Headwear For Your Golfer Yet? If Not, Here’s How
  • A Golden Addition
    A Cup Holder on a Golden Tee? Oh, Twitter, You Have All the Answers
  • Tips From the Design-a-Hole Master
    Need Help Coming Up With Your Dream Golden Tee Creation? You’ve Come to the Right Place
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