• The Triumphant Return of Shots of the Week
    We are Back and Promise to Never, Ever Leave You Again
  • Rocky Road
    No Need to Swerve It In on Rocky Hollow No. 8; You Can Play Right Through
  • Hello, Beautiful
    The 2015 Halloween Giveaway Code is ALIVE
  • Down the Home Stretch
    Awesome Draw, Timing and More—Your Complete 2015 GT Home Edition Update
  • Ship It, Chip It
    Just Your Run-of-the-Mill 3-Wood Chip Ace to Close a Round
  • Going Low on Pearl Lagoon 18
    There’s a New Path to Take on a Difficult Hole (If You Dare)
  • Bigger Prizes, More Winners
    Golden Tee 2015’s Daily Contest Off to a Fast Start
  • An Eventful Richmond Weekend
    The NIV Delivers (Again), as if You Expected Anything Different
  • Design-a-Path
    The Design-a-Hole Sign Isn’t Just For Show in Golden Tee 2015
  • Your Mission Remains: Find 2015
    Have You Played the Latest and Greatest in Golden Tee Yet? If Not, We Need to Change That
  • The Most Interesting Hole in 2015
    Exploring Desert Valley No. 6, Your Ultimate Vegas Gamble
  • Top of the World
    Golden Tee World Rankings Make the Move to 2015
  • Daily Adjustments
    From Timing to a $100 Top Prize, Daily Contest Adjustments Are Coming Thursday
  • ‘Tis the 2015 Season
    Your Weekend Plans Are Right Here – Find and Play Golden Tee 2015
  • Your First 2015 Tournament Has Arrived
    The NIV in Richmond is Must-See GT for So Many Reasons
  • The Daily Goes LIVE
    $1,000, 300 Winners and a New Era of Competition Starts… Now
  • The Most Important 2015 Image. Period.
    Because Golden Tee is So Much Better When You Dress as Your Character
  • The Golden Tee 2015 Launch Guide
    Every Article, Video and Tidbit You Need to Tackle 2015
  • Shoot, Save and Share
    We Want to See Your 2015 Golden Tee Great Shots!
  • Daily Debut: 2.0
    The Daily Contest Will Now Pay AT LEAST 300 Winners and $1,000 Each Day!
  • Tracking Down 2015
    Want to Locate a Golden Tee 2015? Find a Game is Here to Help
  • Daily Debut
    Golden Tee 2015’s Exciting New Feature is LIVE; Here’s What You Need to Know
  • Behind the Design: The Pearl Lagoon
    Golden Tee 2015's Course Tour Makes Its Final Stop in Thailand
    Golden Tee 2015 Is Headed Your Way! Get Ready!
  • Behind the Design: Rocky Hollow
    Golden Tee 2015’s Fourth Course Tour Takes Us to Lovely Utah
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