• Anything But Rocky
    We Guarantee You’ve Never Seen the Grand Canyon 9th Aced Like This
  • Bikini Ace
    We’ve Seen Just About Everything, but We’ve Never Seen A Shot Like This
  • Close Encounters of the Yeti Kind
    Tundra Peak’s Mascot is Alive and Doesn’t Seem too Concerned About Your Drive
  • The Pinnacle of Dunks
    A Super, Super Albatross That You’ll Want to Watch Again and Again
  • Bridging the Great Shot Gap
    There’s Luck and Then There’s This - A GT Effort You Have to See to Believe
  • Stopped Short
    How One Small Sign Can Drastically Impact Your Round
  • Golden Tee in 3D
    One Dedicated Trackballer Turns Back the Clock With this Wonderful Video Creation
  • Putt of the Year?
    Found Yourself in an Icy Situation? Try Giving This Club a Whirl
  • A Royal Ace
    Marc “The Mouth” Muklewicz Gives Us Our Shot of the Month Favorite on the Royal Cove 11th
  • On In One
    Reaching the Grand Canyon 14th in One Can be Done, But it Won’t be Easy
  • The Umbrella Factor
    Examining How These Sun Blockers Have Had An Impact on Errant Drives in Golden Tee
  • Twist and Turns
    Having Issues With the Grand Canyon 17th? Perhaps These YouTubes Will Help
  • Now LIVE: Shots of the Week
    The Best YouTube Moments of the Past Seven Days Are Now on Your GT 2012 Cabinet!
  • YouTube Frenzy
    The Surplus of Superb Shots on 2012 Makes This the Most Jam-Packed Feature to Date
  • Gold Digger
    Treasure Hunting on Golden Tee 2012? Why Yes, You Can do That, Too
  • From In The Game to On the Game
    Shots Heard ‘Round the GT World! Your Fantastic YouTubes Can Now Be Seen on Every 2012 Game!
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