What's New: 2018

Seven (Yes, Seven) New Courses

Seven Courses

Gone are the days of a yearly release with five new 18-hole courses to tee off from. In 2018, thanks to two reinvented Golden Tee Fore! courses, you will be able to play and explore more creations than ever before.

The five new 2018 stops include a trip to Dubai for Golden Tee’s first-ever night course. Want something a bit more laid back? How about a public course, battered fairways and all, in the middle of Iowa? You can also navigate the castles near the Rhine River in Germany and take a safari in Africa. If you need to be near water, take a trip to Barbados and play on our newest tropical course (snorkeling gear not included)!

Then throughout the year, two new (well, reimagined courses) from Golden Tee Fore! will be time-released. The first will be Rattlesnake Ridge, perhaps the most popular GT course ever created, followed by Mystic Hills.

Content and fun all year long.

New Spin Type (Debuts Nov 1st)

New Spin Type

For the player who wants to be selectively aggressive, this is for you. Golden Tee 2018 will add “release,” a fourth spin option into the mix.

Applying release onto a shot will give it a small surge forward—think of it as a much less aggressive version of “roll.” It is perfect for approach shots for big greens and a way for new players at tackle pins without having to worry about your ball rolling through the green.

And here’s another place it’s worth a try: chipping. In need of just enough speed to hold a line? Look no further than the fourth spin option.

New Character Customization Options

Character Customization

Yes, there is more clothing—more shirts, pants, shoes and hats. But beyond the new installment of these items, Golden Tee 2018 features a new way to customize your golfer.

Players can now dress their golfers in body suits, accessories and outfits on their GT Caddy app and also on LIVEWIRE. Want to dress as a mascot or in a muscle suit? Want to throw on an earring or a new nose? In 2018, the character customization is as deep as it has ever been.

Build-a-Ball Enhancements

Build A Ball

More colors, more tracers, more options. A robust Build-a-Ball library is now stockpiled with options. We’ve doubled the amount of ball colors and have more than 30 different tracers to pick from.

Pick the attributes of your ball, and then get to work customizing its look. You have a full rainbow of colors to pick from, including multi-color tracers and many new effects.

New In-Game UI

New UI

The game you love has gotten a facelift. Not only does Golden Tee 2018 have a more polished look, but it also comes with notable changes and enhancements.

Players will now be able to see the peak height of their shots to help plan their hole strategy. And on top of that, they will be alerted of what surface they are hitting from to help manage both distance and spin.

Custom Club Enhancements

Club Enhancements

Change the color of your club head, shaft and grip. Gone are the days of only being able to customize the clubs in your bag. Now, on the GT Caddy and on LIVEWIRE, you can customize the look as well.

You have double digit combinations for each item, which makes for a seemingly endless amount of combinations.

New Equipment (Debuts Nov 1st)

New Equipment

In 2018, we’ve added two new golf ball types and golf clubsets.

The new ball types will incorporate a new technology into the game—reducing green friction and giving the players a new way to attack pins.

The new golf club sets include one option built from Golden Tee World Champion Mark Stenmark. If you have ever wanted to play like a pro, start by playing exactly what the pros play.

More Custom Putters


A sword? A baseball bat with barbed wire? How about a hot dog on a stick? In 2018, we’ve added 16 new customized putters, from the unique to the weird to the absurd.

These putters are available for purchase on LIVEWIRE and the GT Caddy app.

Monday Mix Up

Monday Mix Up

Each Monday, we will take one of the many LIVE courses on the game and jumble it up. Some days we will throw it against the wall and put it back in whatever random pieces we please. Others we might go completely backwards—starting at Hole 18 out of the games and playing backward to Hole 1. We’ll group all the par-3s together in some instances. We’ll showcase all the water holes first. We will get completely and utterly weird with this, although we will do so with a single course.

Each and every Monday will be something new, even if the course isn’t. The pacing will change, as will the difficulty. The overall experience will be packaged differently to create something not fully freaky but very much different.

This fall, we are mixing it up. We are adding another night of Daily intrigue. You will want to see what Mondays look like; they will never be the same.