Custom Putters

Custom Putters

The days of simply putting with a boring flat stick are dead. In Golden Tee 2017, your short game is about to change.

Custom Putters allow golfers to put with a flamingo. That’s just a start. You’ll also be able to putt with an axe, an umbrella, a hockey stick, a selfie stick and more.

The best part? Well, all of it is the best part. Each putter will make a distinct sound on contact!

You have an entire arsenal of new putters to pick from, and they’ll only cost you a buck each. To unlock a putter, access the Pro Shop on the GT Caddy app on your Apple or Android device or login into LIVEWIRE.

Now, you can really be a character.


Sweet Tooth

Candy Cane

You don’t need a holiday excuse to putt with an oversized candy cane. Just be yourself out there.



You’ve dreamt about putting with a fake flamingo, yes? Maybe? Well, regardless. Here ya go.


Hockey Stick

For all the hockey players out there, here is finally a club that fits your multi-sport needs.

The Selfie

Selfie Stick

Don’t ever let anyone tell you the selfie stick is worthless. Heck, this one is downright resourceful.

12 Gauge


Pointing a shotgun at your groin is never a good idea… unless you’re holding this ambitious new putter.

Rain Maker


You can make good use of that umbrella that is taking up way too much of that golf bag real-estate.


Firemen Axe

The fireman axe is a magnificent tool. It’s not too shabby on the greens, either.