300 CLUB

Determination. Concentration. Precision. Perfection.

This is The Silver Strike 300 Club.

Perfection is hard to come by. Those who are fortunate, talented, skilled, and determined enough to reach perfection should be rewarded and noticed. In bowling, there's no question that perfection lies in the 300-game.

Those who have managed to roll a 300-game should have their achievements recognized, and they can in both Silver Strike Bowler's Club and Silver Strike LIVE. Submit a photo of yourself next to the Silver Strike leaderboard that displays your perfect game, along with your name, address and the location you played at to Once verified, you will be added to the ultra-elite membership list.

Those rollers who already have a 300-game to their name on Silver Strike Bowler's Club have the chance to do so once again in Silver Strike LIVE. Be recognized on both games and truly separate as the cream of the crop.

Russ Cornwell

1. Russ Cornwell, Silver Strike Bowling

Dan Bailey

2. Dan Bailey, Silver Strike Bowling
Double Inn - Cedar Rapids, IA

Jerry Kellar

3. Jerry Kellar, Silver Strike Bowling
Miss Cue Sports Café - Toledo, OH

Steven Meyers

4. Steven Meyers, Silver Strike Bowling
Blondies Bar & Grill - Brooklyn Park, MN

Jim Shluter

5. Jim Shluter, Silver Strike Bowling

John Kunzler

6. John Kunzler, Silver Strike Bowling
Barbie's Place - Toledo, OH

Lucas Parizek

7. Lucas Parizek, Silver Strike Bowling
JB's Grub & Pub - West Liberty, IA

Ron Parvin

8. Ron Parvin, Silver Strike Bowling
Dietle's Tavern - Rockville, MD

Phil Gunn

9. Phil Gunn, Silver Strike Bowling
Litz's Bar and Grill- Spokane, WA

Randy Prock

10. Randy Prock, Silver Strike Bowling
On the Rock Bar & Grill

Ron Hammersley and Ken Carroll

11. (L) Ron Hammersley, Silver Strike Bowling
12. (R) Ken Carroll, Silver Strike Bowling
Beech Grove Bowl - Beech Grove, IN

Ryan Byrne

13. Ryan Byrne, Silver Strike Bowling
Brite Spot - Lawler, IA

Andy Haas

14. Andy Haas, Silver Strike Bowler's Club
Sidelines Sports Bar - Noblesville, IN

Don Schlatterer

15. Don Schlatterer, Silver Strike Bowler's Club

Randall Vierra

16. Randall Vierra, Silver Strike Bowling
Roxy's Bar & Grill - Overland Park, KS

Brian Erhardt

17. Brian Erhardt, Silver Strike Bowler's Club
Bamboo's - Lithia, FL

John Lowry

18. John Lowry, Silver Strike Bowler's Club
Sportsman's Lodge - Jackson, MS

Shawn Larson

19. Shawn Larson, Silver Strike Bowler's Club
The Pump House - Wichita, KS

Don Smith

20. Don Smith, Silver Strike Bowler's Club
Marvin's on the Boardwalk - Myrtle Beach, SC

Christopher Pioske

21. Christopher Pioske, Silver Strike Bowler's Club
C.C. Club - Minneapolis, MN