Bring the Game You Know and Love Into Your Living Room!

Now there's a way to bring the world's greatest putt-putt game to your home thanks to the PowerPutt Home Edition! PowerPutt Home Edition

  • Easy to setup and move around! Plug it into your T.V. and move it out of the way once you're done playing for the day!
  • Get all three PowerPutt courses! Freaky Tiki, Dusty Trail, and Skull Island all come equipped on the game!
  • Up to 16 players can play in a PowerPutt tourney at the same time! Setup a night for virtual putt-putt and turn your basement into PowerPutt tournament central!
  • Show off your all-time bests! All your greatest games and achievements will be saved and stored on the game!

Are you a mini golf fanatic? Are you looking to bring your favorite game closer to come? Literally. If so, then the PowerPutt Home Edition might be for you!

Interested? Contact us and Find Out Much More About the PowerPutt Home Edition!