Five New Courses!

It's all about the courses. Of course it is.

From the pot bunker-packed Highland Links to Turtle Island, a voyage to the Galápagos Islands, Golden Tee 2014 brings virtual golfers to five new unique locations. Test out these gems in Prize Play, and see where you stack up against golfers from around the world!

In total, the entire library of courses—all of which can be played online on Golden Tee 2014 LIVE games—has reached 45. For details and video of the new creations, visit the courses page.

5 New Courses

The Debut of "Birds-Eye View"

See the courses from above, and take advantage of a fantastic new resource in Golden Tee 2014.

To use the "Birds-Eye View" simply press and hold the blue "Help" button before hitting a shot. The camera will shift from behind the golfer to the sky, providing a new look of the hole layout and potential obstacles ahead.

Looking to find out what's over a hill or mountain? Is the flag blocked off by a group of trees or other obstacles? Trying to determine how much room there is to land a shot on a tricky par-3?

The "Birds-Eye View" is here to help, and it will frequently come in handy.

Birds-Eye View

New Equipment

Two new sets of golf clubs and three different types of golf balls have been added into Golden Tee 2014!

What's the ideal combination for you? Check out the list of available virtual golf clubs and golf balls to see which suits your game!

New Equipment

HD-Optimized Graphics

See individual blades of grass, detailed bunkers and the sparkling blue hazards with incredible detail. Ah, the joys of HD.

Golden Tee 2014 now supports 1080p, meaning the game you know and love just received a significant graphical upgrade.

HD-Optimized Graphics

New In-Game Layout

See more of the course and enjoy more of the beautiful HD environment.

The main in-game screen has been fine-tuned, and the size of the clubs, tees, score and other on-screen information items have been adjusted.

The result is a better looking screen that will allow you to see your golfer and in-game action unlike never before!

New In-Game Layout

New Clothing Menu Layout

Gone are the days of shuffling through hundreds of clothing items just to find that right one. Now you can maneuver through your wardrobe options quicker than ever before.

The customize clothing screens have gotten an overhaul, and there will now be 12 clothing items on each page. Sort through them briskly, find what you want to wear and change as much as you want without wasting any time.

Dressing your golfer just became a lot easier.

New Clothing Menu Layout

New Clothing

It's not just the menu, it's also the options. From the reserved to the downright insane, in Golden Tee 2014 you now have more virtual clothing options for your golfer!

More than 75 new items have been added, which can be earned through course achievements. Also stay tuned to LIVEWIRE for some very unique clothing items, which can be redeemed through Giveaway Codes.

Trust us, you won't want to miss 'em!

New Clothing