What is Golden Tee?

Golden Tee Golfers Since its inception in 1989, Golden Tee has become a ubiquitous part of barroom popular culture. Throughout this time, millions have played on over 100,000 units in bars and pubs in more than a dozen different countries.

The original title Golden Tee Golf was introduced in 1989. A 2-D video golf experience, it was Golden Tee Golf's competitive nature and cutting-edge trackball control that formed the model of success that the game thrived off of ever since. Its uniquely intuitive controls, coupled with a simple, yet highly competitive video game experience, earned Golden Tee the title of the "pool table of the next generation" among the masses.

This paved the way for the success of Golden Tee 3-D in 1995 and Golden Tee FORE! in 2000. Throughout those years the game went from a small nightly tradition for some, to a pop-culture phenomenon. The world came to expect Golden Tee in the corner of every pub and millions of players craved the competitive social experience that the game is famous for.

In 2005, the video golf mold was broken again with the release of Golden Tee LIVE – a revolutionary always-online version of Golden Tee. More than just a Golden Tee Fore! update, LIVE utilizes state-of-the-art technology to bring Golden Tee's excitement to new heights by simply combining it with a tried and true feature: competition. Real-Time competition.

At any point, in any pub, players can now compete against golfers from around the world. The addition of online play has created a new wave of stat tracking and competition where players can play for prizes and monitor their progress and improvement both on the game and

The addition of YouTube™ in Golden Tee 2009 gave players the ability to upload their greatest trackball feats and share them with whom they please. It has been these types of advancements that have kept the game relevant and meaningful for nearly twenty-five years.

Golden Tee 2014, the current version of the game, was about improving the player experience. Graphically the game has continued to advance—despite operating on the same hardware—and both menu screens and the in-game look have been modified to provide an easier experience on the eyes.

The courses are magnificent (just like always), while the addition of "Birds-Eye View" has given the players another valuable resource. And, of course, the trackball remains the constant. The feel that has made Golden Tee what it is today has not been touched.

Throughout this time, the game has seen a dedicated following build from fan forums to the Golden Tee Facebook Page - GT's home away from home.

It's handed out championships to the truly elite who've performed on the game's biggest stages and inducted those that have impacted the game in a positive light into the Golden Tee Society. The game was even placed on an aircraft carrier and traveled the world with the unbelievable men and women in the US NAVY. Over time, this barroom staple has become more than just a game.

Golden Tee 2014, Celebrating 25 Years of Innovation