2014 Courses

Pelican Grove - Nestled beneath a flurry of Edgewater, Florida palm trees is an 18-hole tour de force, a golfing experience unique from the typical southeastern assumption. There’s no ocean to be found on Pelican Grove, but don’t let that disclaimer serve as a free pass to swing away. The strategically placed water can pack a punch, while the countless sand traps will make you feel as if you’ve found the beach if you accidently stray away from the desired path.

Shady Acres - Shady Acres is a country club even Judge Smails would be proud of, only save your down payment. It’s not required here. While Nordic Park, Illinois isn’t necessarily considered a golfing haven, this vintage track is ready to change that perception altogether. Lush, green fairways, magnificent aged oak trees and a vintage feel that will resonate with all kinds of golfers, the traditional feel combined with a creative layout is the dream scenario for the virtual golfer.

Turtle Island - Known for its array of exotics animals and scenic views, the Galapagos Islands now houses Turtle Island, a tropical Golden Tee voyage that will force you to stop and see the sights every now and then. The endless sun and crystal clear water is a pleasure to hit alongside, but this Ecuador-based creation has a rugged, tougher side; a side that can torch a scorecard in an instance. Lava makes its triumphant return, and you won’t have to search far and wide to find it.

Highland Links - With the grass-covered mountains serving as a backdrop, Glen Nevis, Scotland brings links-style golf front and center to Golden Tee once again. Staying in the short stuff is integral to avoid the menacing rough that can penalize an errant tee shot or approach. And then, of course, there are the deep pot bunkers seen around both fairways and greens, which require no further dissecting. Pack your lob-wedge just in case, because it might come in handy.

Greek Hills - With ancient ruins scattered about and a fascinating buffet of obstacles to deal with, Golden Tee happily calls Goura, Greece home. The flavor of the unique location can be felt off the first tee, and it doesn’t end there. Navigating the plentiful bodies of water, guarding trees and intriguing bunker designs will require precision, planning and solid tee shots. The beautiful blue skies paint a lovely scene, but don’t get caught up in the beauty. Your score depends on it.

Golden Tee Course Caddies

All previous Golden Tee LIVE courses can now be played in Golden Tee 2014! Looking for help on some of these classic creations? Have no fear, we've got you covered! Be sure to check out the 2011 and 2010 Course Caddies, classic Play the Sobe Way videos from 2008 and 2009, and hole reviews from the original and 2007 courses!