Golden Tee 2014 gives players more options than ever when choosing high performance equipment. Outside of the default virtual ball, there are 21 different types of balls to pick from, 12 of which are available for purchase on the game.

Here is the Golden Tee 2014 virtual ball lineup—including the three new balls available for purchase—and the performance charts and comparisons to balls seen in past Golden Tee updates.

Straight Jacket
Straight Jacket Juice Spinny
Straight Jacket Stats

Description: Use the Straight Jacket balls for ultimate distance. You'll get more distance on straight shots, but less spin control for curve shots.

Compares To: TL Distance

Juice Stats

Description: Use the Juice balls for added distance with normal spin. You'll get a bit more distance and keep the spin control needed for curve shots.

Compares To: Long & Soft distance

Spinny Stats

Description: Use the Spinny balls for maximum spin. The best choice for curve shots. These balls also provide superior backspin and roll.

Compares To: TL Tour

Pummel Hurtle Orbit
Pummel Hurtle* Orbit*
Pummel Stats

Description: Use the Pummels for maximum backspin and roll. These balls also provide extra spin for superior curve shots.

Compares To: Quartz

Hurtle Stats

Description: This ball travels the farthest, but backspin and roll shots will be much less effective.

Compares To: XL Extreme Tour

Orbit Stats

Description: The unique dimple pattern of the Orbit balls creates high lofted shots that land with maximum backspin and roll.

Compares To: D2 Feel

Streak Maniax Player
Streak* Maniax* Player
Streak Stats

Description: Use the Streaks for ultimate distance. These low trajectory balls cut through wind but have less backspin and roll.

Compares To: XL Distance Yell

Maniax Stats

Description: With cutting-edge aerodynamics and a larger core, Maniax balls generate great distance with a touch lower spin for curve shots.

Compares To: Freak

Player Stats

Description: The Player balls have a multi-layer construction for better distance and control.

Compares To: Gamer

Air-O Ranger Tracker
Air-O Ranger Tracker
Air-O Stats

Description: A high-durometer cover provides increased ball speed on straight shots off the tee.

Compares To: D2 Distance

Ranger Stats

Description: This one-piece ball creates better distance with slower swing speeds.

Compares To: D2 Diva

Tracker Stats

Description: The Tracker delivers the ultimate combination of distance, feel, and control.

Compares To: Gamer v2

Stock+ Frenzy Torpedo
Stock+* Frenzy* Torpedo
Stock+ Stats

Description: The Stock+ balls provide the curve shots of the standard ball with greater distance.

Frenzy Stats

Description: With cutting-edge graphics aerodynamics, the Frenzy ball generates more distance with a bit more spin for curve shots.

Torpedo Stats

Description: Use the low-loft Torpedo balls for good distance with maximum backspin and roll.

Spectrum Settler Bounder
Spectrum* Settler* Bounder*
Spectrum Stats

Description: The Spectrum ball carries far off the tee with lower loft.

Settler Stats

Description: Keep it close! The Settler is a lower bounce ball with less tray after landing.

Bounder Stats

Description: Featuring a revolutionary elastomer core, the Bounder ball creates higher bounces with less roll distance.

Razor Archer Sniper
Razor* Archer* Sniper*
Razor Stats

Description: Lower bounce (Settler numbers), more backspin.

New to GT 2014!

Archer Stats

Description: High Loft, softer landing than Settler, less backspin.

New to GT 2014!

Sniper Stats

Description: Long distance with less curve.

New to GT 2014!

*Available for purchase in Golden Tee LIVE 2014.