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Golden Tee
Golden Tee Live 2015 Wallpaper 1
Golden Tee Live 2015 Wallpaper 2
Golden Tee Live 2015 Wallpaper 3
Golden Tee Live 2015 Wallpaper 4

Golden Tee Live 2015 Wallpaper 5
Golden Tee Live 2015 Wallpaper 6
Golden Tee Golf 2014 Wallpaper 1
Golden Tee Golf 2014 Wallpaper 2

Golden Tee Golf 2014 Wallpaper 3
Golden Tee Golf 2014 Wallpaper 4
Golden Tee Golf 2014 Wallpaper 5

Silver Strike
Silver Strike Wallpaper 1
Silver Strike Wallpaper 2
Silver Strike Wallpaper 3
Silver Strike Wallpaper 4

Silver Strike Wallpaper 5

PowerPutt Live Wallpaper 1
PowerPutt Live Wallpaper 2
PowerPutt Live Wallpaper 3
PowerPutt Live Wallpaper 4

Mobile Wallpapers

Trackball on the go! Bring your favorite arcade game with you at all times. Install one of these wallpapers on your mobile device today!

  1. Find the mobile wallpaper that you would like to use on your mobile device.
  2. Click on the corresponding link for the correct screen resolution that matches your mobile device.
  3. The image will open in your browser window for you to save.
  4. Consult your user manual for the instructions on how to save and install the wallpaper to your mobile device.
  5. From a Desktop computer: Simply download the image you would like to use as your mobile wallpaper and email it yourself. Then access your email from your mobile device to save and install.


To use the avatars below follow the appropriate instructions provided by your instant messenger client or forum account.

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Golden Tee Avatar 1
Golden Tee Avatar 2
Golden Tee Avatar 3
Golden Tee Avatar 4
Golden Tee Avatar 5

Silver Strike Avatar 1
Silver Strike Avatar 2
Silver Strike Avatar 3
Silver Strike Avatar 4
Silver Strike Avatar 5

PowerPutt LIVE Avatar 1
PowerPutt LIVE Avatar 2
PowerPutt LIVE Avatar 3
PowerPutt LIVE Avatar 4
PowerPutt LIVE Avatar 5

GT Toolbar

To become a Golden Tee master, you need all of the tools! That's why the makers of the world's most popular coin-operated video game and Conduit have partnered to create the official Golden Tee Golf toolbar - the ultimate online Golden Tee community resource. Whether you're a GT guru or just a casual duffer, the Golden Tee toolbar is designed to make your life easier on and off the virtual links.

Golden Tee Golf toolbar
  • Find A Game
  • Stats
  • News
  • Forums
  • Links
  • GT Media Player
  • Shop
  • And More!

The Golden Tee Golf toolbar installs in seconds, is absolutely spyware/adware free, includes a simple uninstaller and is compatible with multiple browsers. Download today and get connected!

Versions available for: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome (Beta).
System Requirements: Windows 7/Vista/XP

Visit to download and install the Golden Tee Golf toolbar!


    Golden Tee LIVE
  • Music - includes Golden Tee LIVE Theme songs, Hole-in-One music, End of Game music and more! (.zip 64.0MB)
  • Golf FX - includes Ball in Cup, Ball in Water, Iron Swing, "Watch Your Time!" and more! (.zip 953KB)
  • Vocals - includes "First up is golfer one.", "Peter, I am speechless.", "Peter, help us out..." and more! (.zip 1.54MB)
    Golden Tee Fore!
  • Music - includes Golden Tee Fore! Theme Song, "It's Your Game" Music, Hole-n-win Theme Song and more! (.zip 43.6MB)
  • Golf FX - includes Crowd "Oh!", Crowd Gentle Applause, Wood Swing and more! (.zip 2.76MB)
  • Vocals - includes "That could get wet.", "Kaploosh!", "Wow he smoked that one!" and more! (.zip 1.90MB)