Below are the LIVEWIRE Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not see your question below, or cannot find the appropriate answer, please contact us.

+ What is a Persona ID?
A Persona ID is a uniquely generated alpha-numeric identifier that recognizes you as a player based upon your credit card, Golden Tee LIVE Gold Card, Silver Strike Bowling Bowlers Club Card, PowerPutt LIVE Player Card. The Persona ID is created the very first time you play a game and identify yourself, and if you order a Player Card, your Persona ID is printed on the front. The Persona ID is the gateway to your Player Account, which keeps track of your game statistics and prizes won. In order to access your Player Account, you will need to create a secure Web Account and attach your ID card.
+ How do I determine my Persona ID?
If you have a Golden Tee Live Gold Card, Silver Strike Bowling Bowlers Club Card, or PowerPutt LIVE Player Card, your Persona ID is printed on the front of the card. If you are using a credit card to identify yourself on the game, you will need to register for a web account on our website. After registering, follow the instructions to attach your credit card to your new web account. Once attached, you can always find your Persona ID by logging in to your web account on LIVEWIRE and looking in the upper right hand corner of the Welcome Page. A Lost Card ID is also displayed on the Welcome Page. The Lost Card ID allows you to identify yourself on Golden Tee LIVE even if you forgot your player card. Write down this number and keep it handy at all times!
+ Is there an age limitation to having a Web Account?
Yes. To register for and/or use a Web Account you must be at least 18 years old.
+ What if I Forgot my Username?
If you no longer remember your Username, you will have to provide the email you used to register your Web Account. Once this is complete, all known Usernames will then be sent to the email address provided. Recover Username.
+ What if I Forgot my Password?
If you've forgotten your current Web Account password, you can have it reset and emailed to you. To do this you'll need your Username and PIN in order to complete the process. Reset Password.
+ What if I Forgot my PIN?
If you've forgotten your PIN, you'll need to reach out to an IT representative to recover it. Please fill out the Contact Form and someone will help you recover your PIN in a timely fashion.
+ Can I attach more than one card to my Web Account?
Currently you can only attach a single card to a web account, so it is strongly encouraged that you always use the same card, with the same Persona ID, whenever you play.
+ Can I Edit My Web Account Information Once It's Created?
Yes. Almost all aspects of your Web Account Profile can be edited. Simply log in, enter your PIN and you'll be able to customize this information even after it's created. The only preference you will not be able to edit once the sign up process is complete is your Username.
+ I am trying to attach my Credit Card to my Web Account and it keeps telling me CARD NOT FOUND.
The imprint on the front of the credit card does not always match the data encoding of the card. Credit card companies are also encoding special characters such as '/' and '\' in the credit card data which does not appear on the front of your card. Next time you identify yourself on the game, make a note of EXACTLY how your name appears on the check-in screen.

It is also common for credit card companies to place first, middle, and last name information in different name fields. If you are sure you have the correct encoding of your name (including special characters), adjust where you enter your middle name when attaching a card ( i.e. add it to the first name field in addition to your first name and try the same for last name).

If you need further assistance, please contact us with any questions you might have.
+ Who do I contact for Web Account or Player Account Help?
You can contact Customer Service at 847-870-7027, or fill out the Contact Form.
+ Is there an age limitation for purchasing a Player Card?
Yes. To purchase and/or use a player card you must be at least 18 years old.
+ I purchased a Player Card through the game or website. How long does it take to receive my card?
You should receive your card in the mail within 2-3 weeks after you placed your order. If more than 4 weeks has elapsed, please contact us.
+ I play with a credit card for identification. Why should I purchase a Player Card?
When you purchase a Golden Tee LIVE Gold Card, Silver Strike Bowling Bowler's Club Card, or PowerPutt LIVE Player Card it will be coded with the same Persona ID as the credit card you are using when you play. If you ever lose your credit card or your credit card expires, you are ensured that you will still have access to your Player Account because the two cards access the same information. If you ever lose your Player Card, you can easily order a replacement card and continue to play with the same Player Account.
+ I use a credit card to identify myself and now the card has either expired or has been lost. My replacement credit card no longer pulls back my stats when I identify myself on the game. What do I do?
When credit cards are reissued, it is common that the data encoded on the back of the credit card differs from the original and will not match your old card. Unfortunately, we are not able to discern these differences between the two cards. To avoid this problem, purchase a Player Card while playing with your original credit card. Even though it has expired, it will still identify you on the game.
+ The credit card I use to identify myself has expired. Can I still check in with it?
Yes, your credit card is only used as an ID so it will still work on the game. But, you may still want to purchase a Player Card. You can purchase a card either on a game or on the website.
+ I received my Player card, but when I swipe it another person's name shows up.
We apologize for the inconvenience. What you need to do is mail the card to the address that is listed on the back. Include a note indicating that you need a new number and we will replace the card at no charge.

You can also contact us for more information on a resolution.
+ My card doesn't seem to be working anymore. How do I get a replacement card?
You can go to the LIVEWIRE sign up page and set up a Web Account. Attach your card to that web account and then go to Account/Reorder Card. There is no charge for a card reorder. Be sure your address is complete and accurate, including apartment number if needed.

You can still play Golden Tee LIVE while you wait for your replacement card to arrive in the mail. Log into your web account and write down the Lost Card ID in the upper right corner of the Welcome page. You can then enter this special ID into the game instead of swiping your card. Currently you cannot use your Lost Card ID on Silver Strike LIVE or PowerPutt LIVE.
+ Who do I contact for problems with my gift card(s)?
Please contact us with all gift card and gift card order problems.
+ Can I use multiple cards to check in on the games?
Although the system allows for you to have multiple player accounts, each one will be linked to a different Persona ID and cannot be combined. In addition, you will need to create a separate Web Account for each card used. It is highly recommended to always use the same card, and thus the same Persona ID, when you play so all of your game activity is available to you. Also, it is a violation of the ITNet rules to swipe in to a single contest with more than one card. See the Rules for more details.
+ Can I cash out for just a portion of the money in my Player Account?
No. Currently you may only cash out of the entire proceeds of your player account.
+ How do I collect money that I have won in Golden Tee LIVE, Silver Strike LIVE or PowerPutt LIVE?
You must first create a web account on our website, and attach the card you use when playing (credit card, Golden Tee LIVE Gold Card. Silver Strike Bowling Bowler's Club Card or PowerPutt LIVE Player Card) to the account. Then, when you log into your web account, you will have full access to the player account associated with that card. To request a cash out, click on Transactions/Cash Out. Please contact Customer Service at 847-870-7027 for additional information.